Tri-Zap Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags

or use on beef and dairy cattle, including calves and lactating dairy cows, to control horn and face flies, lice and spinose ear ticks.

Contain 3.17% zetacypermethrin, 6% abamectin and 20% piperonyl butoxide.

Utilize Y-Tex’s exclusive polymer matrix for dependable and proven pest control. 2 tags/head control horn flies (including pyrethroid-resistant) for up to 4 months, and lice and spinose ear ticks for up to 3 months; 1-2 tags/head control face flies for up to 2 months. Control face flies (mechanical vector of moraxella bovis [pink eye]) in calves with 2 tags/head. Y-Tex patented Snap-Lok® collar guarantees retention against tag or button failure for up to 5 months. Turquoise tag.

Tri-Zap Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags
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