Eprinex Cattle Pour-On Dewormer

Controls 39 stages of internal and external parasites with up to 99.9% efficacy. Convenient for processing cattle on arrival. Treats and controls gastrointestinal roundworms, including inhibited ostertagia ostertagi, lungworms, grubs, sucking and biting lice, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange mites, and horn flies in beef and dairy cattle, including pregnant and lactating dairy cattle. Nonflammable, weatherproof formula works even on long, wet hair coats. Allows you to treat cattle in any weather condition.

Contains 5 mg eprinomectin per ml.

Dosage: Apply 50 ml per 1,100 lbs body weight along the backline to cattle of any age. No meat or slaughter withdrawal, and no milk withholding period or milk discard

Eprinex Cattle Pour-On Dewormer
Eprinex Cattle Pour-On Dewormer
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