Clean-Up II Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle and Horses

Pour-on insecticide with IGR for use on lactating and non-lactating dairy and beef cattle, calves and horses. Kills louse eggs before they hatch; house, stable, horse, black, horn and deer flies; and cattle ticks. Less is more – just one dose kills biting and sucking lice and their eggs, helping make an operation more efficient with less cattle handling, labor costs and time. Many pour-ons require a second application for optimum control. Shown to reduce biting and sucking louse counts 92-99% 7 days post-treatment and virtually eliminate infestations in 14-29 days. Shown to inhibit louse egg hatch by 100% (15 days post-treatment) compared to untreated control animals. Low viscosity allows for easier application at cold temperatures.

Contains 3% diflubenzuron and 5% permethrin.

Directions: Cattle, calves and horses – Pour 3 ml per 100 lbs body weight along backline and down face, to maximum 30 ml per animal. Repeat as needed, no more than once every 2 weeks. Keep away from animal’s eyes and mucous membranes. See label for wipe-on and spray instructions for horses and foals.

Clean-Up II Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle and Horses
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