Bovine BlueLite

Beef and dairy cattle supplement available in capsules, pellets and powder.

Buffered electrolyte, vitamin, multiple energy capsules specially formulated for ruminants. Administer to cattle that are shrunk or dehydrated as a result of stresses related to moving, sorting, handling or reduced feed intake.

Dosage: 1 capsule orally per 150 lbs body weight; 2nd capsule 12 hours later per each 300 lbs body weight.

Tasty Powder is the original acidified water soluble hydration product for ruminant animals. Designed for beef and dairy animals of any age or size after weaning when grain or forages are the primary nutrient source. Pellets and Powder provide necessary nutrients (potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium) needed to help recover from dehydration and help restore health for reproduction, milk production and to avoid many metabolic issues. Also fortified with antioxidant vitamins for combatting toxins and multiple energy sources for quick recovery. Use during heat/cold stress, immediately post-freshening to help transition cows faster for higher peak milk, before or after transport, when changing feeding programs and during health challenges. Also great for show cattle. Helps encourage water intake, improve feed intake, replenish electrolyte balance, establish positive energy balance and maintain milk production.

Directions: Pellets – Top dress or mix in TMR or grain portion of daily ration. Mild heat stress and fresh cow pen: 4 oz/head daily; severe heat stress: 6 oz/head daily. Powder – TMR: Mix with grain, 2 oz per cow daily; or mix appropriate amount of powder in 5 gals warm water and add to TMR. Drinking water: Mix 2 lbs powder with 128 gals water.

Provide fresh, clean water at all times. See label for additional instructions.

50 lb pellets and powder require a UPS Special Handling Charge.

Bovine BlueLite
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