Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5 Cattle Vaccine

Modified-live virus for vaccination of healthy cattle prior to breeding to protect against persistently infected calves caused by BVD Types 1 & 2; abortion caused by IBR; respiratory disease caused by BVD Types 1 & 2, PI3, IBR and BRSV; and BVD Type 2 testicular infection.

Dosage: 2 ml IM or subcut to all breeding cows and heifers about 1 mo prior to breeding or being added to herd. Revaccinate annually.

Do not use Bovi Shield GOLD FP 5 in pregnant cows or calves nursing pregnant cows, unless they were previously vaccinated as described above. 21 day slaughter withdrawal.

Anaphylactoid reactions may occur. Antidote : Epinephrine.

U.S. Lic. No. 190.

Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5 Cattle Vaccine
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