Equine Livestock Feed in San Angelo, TX

Equine Livestock Feed in San Angelo, TX

Angelo Pellets, Inc., manufactures AP and Comfort Zone™ Equine Feed Photo of Angelo Pellets, Inc., Feed Bagfor Horses in a wide variety of Ration, including: AP Horse Pellets 10% Protein, AP Sweet Feed in both 10% and 14% Protein, Stable Saver 10% Protein and Comfort Zone™ "EQ" 14% Protein, as well as Senior Horse 14% ration formulations.

ANGELO PELLETS FEED MILL can also custom design a Feed program for your specific needs that is most cost effective and provides an economic return on investment. This is especially true in feeding of horses, whether they're kept in paddocks or even just standing out in the pasture. Our on-site Animal Nutritionist, Kirby Vanover, can come out to your pasture, collect forage samples for analysis, and custom design a cost effective feed supplement to maximize growth and nutrition, which means increasing your bottom line returns.

CONTACT Kirby Vanover for more information.

How "OLD" is Your Horse?

Research completed in 2003 by equine veterinarians compares the stages of human ages to horse ages. All age equivalents are approximate and, just as with humans, some horses age better than others.

Generally speaking, in the first year of life, the foal grows more rapidly than the human child. From birth until 3 years, the horse ages approximately 6.5 years for every human year. In his third year of life, the horse's age slows to about 5 years for every human year. The 3 year old horse is the rough equivalent of an 18 year old human. From 4 years on, the horse ages only about 2.5 years for each human year.

A 22 year old horse is approximately 65 years old in human terms. A horse that lives to the ripe old age of 36 is the equivalent of a 100 year old person.

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